How To Find Us- (Check the Map Page for a printable map.  Or click here for Mapquest directions from your location.)

By Car:

Greenbelt Lodge is Located at 32 Lakeside Drive in Greenbelt, MD.  To reach us from the Beltway:

  • Take Exit 23 - Kenilworth Avenue North.
  • At the bottom of the hill take a right at the light (Crescent Road).
  • After approx. 1 1/2 miles, take a right onto Lakeside Drive (after the 3rd stop sign).
  • About 1/4 mile on the right, you will see Greenbelt Lodge at 32 Lakeside Drive.

To reach us from the Baltimore/Washington Parkway traveling North:

  • Take the exit for Greenbelt - MD 193 West towards College Park.
  • Stay in the far right hand lane and continue to curve around.  Your next right will be Southway Road at the light.
  • At your second stop sign, take a left onto Crescent Road.
  • After approx. 1/4 mile take a right onto Lakeside Drive.
  • About 1/4 mile on the right, you will see Greenbelt Lodge at 32 Lakeside Drive.

To reach us from the Baltimore/Washington Parkway traveling South:

  • Take the exit for Greenbelt - MD 193 Greenbelt Road.  At the top of the ramp, turn right onto Southway Road.
  • At your second stop sign, take a left onto Crescent Road.
  • After approx. 1/4 mile take a right onto Lakeside Drive.
  • About 1/4 mile on the right, you will see Greenbelt Lodge at 32 Lakeside Drive.

If you would like to Mapquest from your specific location, click here: Map To Greenbelt Lodge

By public transportation:

Ride Metro subway trains to the Greenbelt station, at the northern end of the Green Line. If you start on a different line, you'll probably transfer to the Green Line at Fort Totten (from the Red Line), or at L'Enfant Plaza (from the Blue/Orange lines). At the beginning of your trip, remember to pick up a paper "bus transfer" from the machines in one of the other stations, BEFORE you get to the Greenbelt station. One you reach the Greenbelt Metro station, there are several ways to get to the house:
1. By public bus:  Walk to the the second bus shelter to the left and watch for an R-12 New Carrolton bus (not the R-12 Deanwood Station, which goes the wrong way). Using a bus transfer the trip will cost 35 cents; otherwise, $1.20. About 5 minutes into the ride, get off at the second bus stop on Crescent Road, at the intersection with Greenhill.  Take the nearby crosswalk across the street, where you'll see a gravel road leading down through the park. Walk down that gravel road and cross a small footbridge.  Continue straight up the hill on the paved path to Lakeside Drive. Turn LEFT on Lakeside. Greenbelt Lodge is the 4th house on the left at 32 Lakeside.

More bus wisdom:
- The last R-12 New Carrolton bus leaves Greenbelt Metro station going toward Greenbelt Lodge at 9:59 p.m. on weekdays.
- You can also take the C-2 bus to Greenbelt Station, which loops around Beltway Plaza Mall and then briefly stops on Lakeside Drive about four blocks from the house. Get off before it turns right onto Westway, and keep walking uphill on Lakeside Drive to number 48, on the left.
- The bus will cost $1.20 each way, unless you pick up a paper Metro train transfer ticket from one of the machines on your way INTO the Metro subway system for your return trip. A Metro train transfer ticket from another station will get you onto a bus back to the house for 35 cents.
- To get back from Greenbelt Lodge to the Greenbelt Metro station, it's the R-12 Deanwood Station bus you want. They pass the bus shelter at Crescent and Greenhill roads about every half hour in the morning (see the bus schedule). If you miss the R-12, a T-17 bus will come by a few minutes later, and take you to the Metro by way of the Beltway Plaza shopping mall.
- If you take the C-2 and or the T-17 bus, and get out at the Beltway Plaza Mall to go shopping, ask the driver to give you a paper bus transfer ticket and to tell you what time the next bus will come along. A bus transfer ticket will get you back onto another bus for free, if you use it within two hours.

2. By taxi:  Ask the driver to take you to 32 Lakeside Drive, in Old Greenbelt off Crescent Road. The fare will be about $9 including tip. If you tell the cab driver to drop you at the bus stop at Crescent Road and Greenhill, where you can walk down the gravel road (see instructions above for "By public bus"), it will be about $7 including tip.

3. By bicycle, which takes 10-15 minutes: Bicycles are allowed on Metro trains except weekdays from 7-10 a.m. and 4-7 p.m. Use the elevator to get your bike to the train platform, not the escalator. When you get to Greenbelt station, leave the Metro parking lot by way of the access road that the cars take. At the end of the access road, turn LEFT on Cherrywood Lane. Go over an overpass (the Beltway is beneath you). Turn RIGHT on Ivy Lane, and continue through an office park. At the end of Ivy lane, turn RIGHT on Kenilworth Ave. At the traffic light, immediately turn LEFT onto Crescent Road. Ride a couple of blocks to Greenhill Road, where you will see a gravel road on your RIGHT. Ride down the gravel road, cross the footbridge at the bottom, and continue on a paved path that leads straight up a steep hill. At the top of the hill, turn LEFT on the city street (this is Lakeside Drive). The Lodge is on the left at 32 Lakeside.

4. On foot: It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the Greenbelt Metro station to The Lodge. See directions above for "By bicycle." You can either finish the walk along Crescent Road, or cut into Buddy Attick Park and walk along the lake path. If so, the shorter way is to bear LEFT (clockwise) around the lake.

From the airports:

Baltimore-Washington International (BWI): It's sometimes cheaper to fly into BWI, which is located midway between Washington and Baltimore, and is a 30- to 45-minute drive from Greenbelt. If you do find that you can save money by flying there, take the express public bus runs back and forth between BWI and the Greenbelt Metro station in 30 minutes for $3.00. For a schedule, see After you get to the Greenbelt Metro station, a cab ride all the way to the house with luggage (rather than stopping at the path through the woods as described above) costs $9 to 10 including tip.

Reagan Washington National (DCA): If you fly to Reagan National, you can take Metro trains most of the way here (although you'll need to make a transfer, from the Blue line to the Green line). Then finish the trip on a public bus or in a taxi. With escalators and moving walkways, it's actually easier to get your luggage to the Metro train than it would be to get it to a car parked there. Once you get to Greenbelt Metro station, take a cab to the house for $9 to $10 with tip.  Or follow the bus instructions above.

Dulles International: Located in Northern Virginia on the far side of the DC area from Greenbelt, Dulles is about 35 miles away and travel time can be well over an hour. There are public buses from Dulles to the Metro train system. If you take a private taxi from Dulles all the way to The Lodge, expect to pay $65 or more.

Lower-cost alternative from all three airports: Airport shuttle van services may charge less than $30 from BWI or National, or less than $40 from Dulles, about half the cost of hiring your own taxi. And they'll take you right to the house (although they may drop off other passengers at their houses first). Prices vary by as much as $15, so it's a good idea to shop around. The blue vans of Super Shuttle, (800) 258-3826, have an exclusive contract to pick up passengers without advance reservations at Reagan National, Dulles, and BWI. The Airport Shuttle, (800) 776-0323, is also able to pick up passengers without reservations at BWI. Their competitors, which require advance reservations, may be cheaper. They include All American Airport Shuttle, (301) 417-2626; Maryland Airport Shuttle, (301) 881-8800; Royal Airport Shuttle, (301) 657-0888; Washington-Dulles Flyer, (703) 661-8230 and several others.

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