We have great respect for the public interest work you're doing here in Washington and enjoy welcoming you into our home while you're here. These rules were worked out with past residents so that everyone will get along during your stay at Greenbelt Lodge.  Please note that NO PETS are allowed in Greenbelt Lodge.  Also, the Lodge is a NON-SMOKING residence.

In the rooms
Overnight guests: It's fine to have one overnight guest at a time. Your guest will need to sleep in your room, and may stay up to an average of one night out of seven over the length of your stay. Please do not loan guests any house keys. Whenever a guest of yours is in the house, you must be here too.
Furnishings: Please keep things as you find them. Don't redecorate or attach things to the walls or other surfaces. Contact the management to request changes.
Cleaning: Cleaning your room and taking out your trash are up to you during your stay. Cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink. Before moving out, please dust and vacuum your room, and clean your bathroom and shower.
Climate control: For instructions on adjusting the heat and central air conditioning, please contact the management. No space heaters. If you use a window AC unit, turn it off when you leave.
Paper Products: You are responsible for supplying your own toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
TV and stereo: Cable TV is available.  You are welcome to bring your own boom box or other music gear. Please turn down the volume if asked.
Doors: Please keep the door to your room closed to preserve everyone's privacy.

Kitchen and laundry
Pots and pans: Wash your own pots and pans, dry and replace them, before you leave the kitchen. Put any grease in the trash, and not down the drain.
Stove: Run the ventilation fan whenever you're cooking, and use the screen to cover pans with grease in them. Clean up your own messes.
Silverware, cups, glasses, and plates: Put dishes into the dishwasher, if the magnet on the fridge says "Dirty." If the magnet says "Clean," unload the dishwasher or if you're short on time, leave your dirty dishes to the left of the sink.
Refrigerator: Mark your name on anything you put in here, using the magic markers.
Staples, condiments, paper products: If you use anything in quantity or use up the last of it, please buy some more.
Laundry hours: Supply your own detergent, bleach, softener, etc. Sign up for a night on which you'll have first rights to the laundry machines. Plan your wash so the machines are off between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. (to keep the peace, and save hot water for morning showers). Share the iron and ironing board.
Greenbelt Lodge is an all-electric home.  In order to encourage conservation,  The first $50 of your portion of the utility bill is paid by the lodge.  After that, any overages will be split equally between the tenants.  Please keep the thermostat set at a reasonable level and turn off your heater or a/c when you're not in the room.

Other areas
In addition to your room, the kitchen and laundry, you are free to use the dining room, living room, and outdoor patio. Please remove your shoes before entering the dining room and living room to avoid tracking mud on the carpet.

Telephone and Internet
When the phone rings: Answer the hall phone, (301-345-0508), or allow the answering machine to pick up.
Checking your voice mailbox: From any phone, dial 301-345-0508.  If you're dialing from Greenbelt Lodge, enter your passcode.  If you're dialing from another location, enter 301-345-0508.  When you hear the main message, press '*', then your passcode.  The instructions for using voicemail are here:


Fiber Optic Internet is available for wireless-equipped computers throughout the house. To use it your computer should have a built-in Ethernet port, or an Ethernet adapter card or a wireless-B or -G card.  The  encryption code and ssid can be obtained from the property manager.

Doors: Keep both the front and back doors closed and locked at all times.
Keys: Don't loan your key to anyone. Don't make any copies of your key.
Guests: You have to be here whenever a guest of yours is.
Insurance: We are not liable for your possessions in case of theft, fire, water damage, or loss, for whatever  reason. You should purchase a tenant insurance policy if you wish to have your belongings insured while you are here.

On-site parking: Please keep the circular driveway clear at all times so cars can pull through to drop off groceries, etc. under the entryway's shelter. One car at a time may be parked along the side of the house (first come, first served). If you leave your car there for an extended period when you're not in the house, please leave your car key on the front hall table so that others can move it if necessary.
Off-site parking: If the side driveway space is in use, or if you'd rather not leave your car key, park on the opposite side of the street. Keep five feet away from neighbors' driveways per Greenbelt parking rules.

Paying the rent
Rent is due on or before the first day of each month. If paid by cash, check, or money order, it must be dropped by or mailed to the property manager.
Credit card option: Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card payments at this time.
If you will be late: Please notify Raymond Chang, the property manager, immediately.
Late fees: $10 per day, up to 5% of the rental payment. Eviction proceedings begin after 7 days or if a resident is consistently late with the rent.  Remember, Lodge rooms rent by the calendar month, and we do not give refunds for unused partial months unless we can rent your unused days to the next resident. 

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