Greenbelt Lodge has undergone major renovations and all bedrooms have been remodeled.  The pictures on this page are provided as a reference only and do not show all the new furnishings and other improvements.

Greenbelt Lodge has a new, energy-efficient heating and a/c sytem.  In order to encourage conservation, your rent will include the first $50.00 for your share in the electric bill.  Anything over that amount will be split equally between the other tenants.

Lower Level 

The lower level has a separate walk-out entryway, large living room with sliding glass windows and full kitchen.  The back entrance leads to a 40' concrete porch that leads to the back yard, picnic table and jogging trail.  The washer and dryer are located on this level.

Upper Level

The upper level has the main entrance leading to the dining area and living room.  The 40' sun porch overlooks trees and protected parkland.  There's also a full kitchen and a large side deck for enjoying those sunny days.



The bedrooms have new Ikea furniture, new full-sized beds, desk, TV, DVD player and wireless internet access.  The rooms are large and there's space for you to stretch out and relax.

More Pictures


The lower level living room


The lower level kitchen.


The lower level hallway
to the bedrooms


The upper level living room


The upper level sun porch under renovation.


The upper level hallway
to the bedrooms


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